CAMPING: Dave Matthews Band (Camping Passes Only) at Gorge Amphitheatre


Gorge Amphitheatre | Quincy, Washington


This American rock band has been a mainstay in the music headlines since its debut in 1991. “What Would You Say,” “Crash Into Me,” “Ants Marching,” “Satellite,” and “The Space Between” have become the battlecry of numerous fans through the years!

Gather your pals and prepare for an incredible rock evening. This is your chance to join in on the fun when Dave Matthews Band returns to the stage of The Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington on August 28, 2024, Wednesday. It promises to be an unforgettable event, from the first notes of your favorite songs to the closing credits!

What makes this run extra special is that it involves the DMB’s new sustainability initiatives. Matthews, who was awarded a UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador in 2019, together with the band, will collaborate with LN-operated venues on the routing to reduce the environmental impact of concertgoers. The goal is to divert at least 90% of fan-generated rubbish from landfills.

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When you arrange your kids' summer camps, all you millennials should remember to plan your own summer camp experiences. Dave Matthews Band will return to The Gorge Amphitheatre in George in 2024 for their customary Labor Day weekend schedule of performances.

The band said in a press release that all 70 of its prior Labor Day weekend performances were sold out.

Members of the fan club may already purchase tickets for the 2024 performances, which take place on Friday, August 30, Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1.

Every summer, thousands of music lovers camp at the famous Gorge Amphitheatre in Central Washington. Situated near George, Grant County, nestled in the Columbia River Gorge, the venue puts concertgoers' dedication to attending live music to the test as they camp, sing, and dance through numerous scorching days and boisterous nights.

Here are some tips for concert-going campers this year:
1. Pack an umbrella
"One year at the Sasquatch Festival everything was sunshine and good vibes until a giant thunderstorm rolled in. It stopped Neko Case midset as all the speakers and screens started swinging in the wind … and then the rain came. And the hail. There is truly no shelter anywhere in the Gorge. I had a big umbrella in my backpack, and I made eight new friends very quickly as they rushed for cover and huddled together under my umbrella with me. The storm passed fairly quickly, but most people’s clothes were soaked, as were the grassy hillside and all the blankets spread upon it." A 2023 camper said.

2. Pay attention to landmarks - don't get lost.
"Pay attention to where you camp and look for landmarks when you head out so you can find your way back after a show. The campground is set up in a hub-and-spoke layout. The landscape changes all day as more and more people show up. A lot of folks lose their frame of reference after pre-funcing at their site all afternoon with friends old and new. Returning from the venue in the dark, they have no idea where they set up camp the previous afternoon." Another camper said.

If you want to camp at The Gorge this summer, go ahead and book your camping passes here!

CAMPING at Gorge Amphitheatre

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