Parking information shown here may be subject to change. For latest parking information, please view Live Nation listing here.

The Gorge Amphitheatre is located near the Columbia River in George, Washington. The a immensely popular venue has a huge seating capacity of 27,500. Some of the music artists in America attend the Amphitheatre, drawing in huge audiences. We recommend that you arrive early prior to an event to ensure you get your space. If you have any questions about the information below, please call the venue at (206) 607-3440

Because the day of show parking may be packed, we always recommend that guests consider ride share services to visit the show. However, if you prefer driving in, then please use the following address in your GPS device or map making app.
754 Silica Road NW George, Washington 98848

General Parking

Parking lots will open at different times depending on event, average time is 4 hours before. The two parking options available include regular and Star parking. with parking very near to the front gate for physically challenged patrons.

gorge amphitheater parking

VIP Parking

Star Parking is a premium parking option which is charged at a fee of $30 per vehicle, this option provides better accessibility and a reserved parking lot.

Entrances to the Facility

When you arrive you’ll see two entrances to the larger facility as detailed below. The entrances are divided by ticket type.
Main Entrance Gate: Available for use regardless of the ticket type.

Plaza Gate: Box & Season seat holders have a separate entry gate located in Plaza Parking area. All guests using this gate must be VIP clients and have the appropriate ticket.

Once you enter the facility, there are four gates that can be used.
Gate A (located on Silica Rd.): Oasis + Gold Campers
Gate B (located on Silica Rd.): Parking Day, Star, Star Plus & ADA Parkers
Gate C (located on Silica Rd.): Plaza Parkers
Gate D (located on Rd. 1 NW): Standard, Terrace & Premier Campers

Accessible parking

Accessible parking is located in Gate B closest to the venue gates.

Parking lot opening times

Parking lots will generally open 2 hours prior to the scheduled gate time. Gate times vary, but are usually 90 minutes prior to show time. Please check the specific event page as these dates are subject to change.

Parking Rules

Please do not attempt to enter the venue any earlier than the designated times as you will be turned around and told to return when the parking lots.

There is no overnight parking permitted in the venue parking lots.

Any unauthorized vehicles on site prior to an event or after an event will be towed at the owners expense.

Parking on the country roads or private property leading to the venue is strictly prohibited.