Everything Always: Dom Dolla & John Summit at Gorge Amphitheatre

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Gorge Amphitheatre | Quincy, Washington

Everything Always

Everything Always: Dom Dolla & John Summit comes to Gorge Amphitheatre on Friday 13th September 2024

Is there anything better than electronic music at the Gorge? If you’re a fan of these events, then you won’t want to miss the take-over of the iconic venue that Everything Always has in store. This is going to take place on Friday, September 13th! The duo has not announced who the opening acts are going to be on that day. As is the case with many of these festivals, there are going to be plenty of DJs gracing the stage.

Doors are at 4 pm, so expect the party to be in full swing from early in the day. One of the coolest things about this date is that it’s later in the year. It’s not going to be as hot in Quincy, Washington, as it will be for some of the mid-summer fests!

Tickets are going really fast. Make sure to hit the get tickets button on the page to save your spot. Buy your friends their tickets as well; this is an experience they won’t want to miss either.

The way that Everything Always is made up allows for lengthy shows that give you a little bit of everything. If you’re a fan of this duo, you know exactly why. Dom Dolla could be the first one on stage, and he’s going to play his set from beats that are unique to him. Then maybe he heads backstage and we get John Summit on the scene. He goes out, and he does his solo venture. Then they come together and that’s when you really get Everything Always. These are two performers who are widely talented as individuals. When you put them together, it’s just magic. Perhaps the way that they’re able to alternate sets and then come together is one of the reasons why there are no opening acts currently announced. That is something that’s likely to change, however.

Both Summit and Dom Dolla usually play sets that include some type of vocals. They’ve both worked with a lot of big names in techno throughout their tenure. That’s not something that’s just said to ensure these dudes are super professional; they, of course, are. It’s not out of the blue that as individuals, and as a duo, they played some of the top festivals in the world. The thing is, they’ll be able to bust out a specific song like Dom Dolla’s rendition of “Somebody That I Used to Know” at EDC in Vegas this year. With that in mind, you can head out to The Gorge knowing that nothing’s gonna to be off the table for the night.

The sets that they play together may just be stuff they come up with on the fly. When you’re in the crowd at one of these shows, it’s something that you can really appreciate. Speaking of the Gorge, the place has all of the amenities necessary to enjoy this event. Doors are at four, and you may be out here until the late hours of the night. There are some VIP boxes available for the show if you want to have more privacy compared to the general admission area, which is going to be most of the venue. Click the get tickets button because these ones are going really fast!

Everything Always at Gorge Amphitheatre

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