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Gorge Amphitheatre | Quincy, Washington

Imagine Dragons

It's the year of the Dragon, and they really are coming for you... their highly anticipated Loom World Tour 2024 is now here! Imagine Dragons comes to Gorge Amphitheatre on Saturday, September 28th 2024. And you HAVE to be there, it's an album release tour, so there will be new bangers to hear, plus you just know they will bring out some old favorites, so expect at least one of “Radioactive,” “Demons,” “Believer,” or “Thunder.”

And when you get to the Gorge Amphitheatre, stop, have a look around...“It’s just a lot of people in a room together realizing they’re not alone in their feelings,” he said about the tour. “I don’t necessarily need them to feel happy or sad or anything. I just want them to look around them and see that other people are also feeling something and feeling, ‘I’m not alone in that.’”

Tickets are on sale now, and are selling fast, so get yours right now!

Flying across North America supporting the band’s upcoming album, Loom, dropping mid-June. Imagine Dragons will take the fire of the Loom World Tour 2024 from Camden, New Jersey all the way to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California, with a scaled, flame grilled stop here in Quincy, Washington at the world's most scenic Gorge Amphitheatre on September 28th 2024. The Loom Tour 2024 is supposedly the bands' biggest tour to date.

“Working on this record was a rollercoaster,” Imaginary Dragon friend, and lead singer Dan Reynolds said about the album. “The beauty of songwriting is that it has always simply been my journal. It has documented decades of my journey through this strange life. And I’ve been lucky enough to create it with my best friends in a band and have you share it with us.”

With an insane, 74 million album sales worldwide, plus an additional 65 million digital songs sold worldwide, and then tack on the 160 billion streams across music platforms, Imagine Dragons, have certainly come a long way from their days of free gigs to 100 strong crowds... They are now the first rock band to have four songs surpass one billion streams EACH on Spotify, with “Radioactive,” “Demons,” “Believer,” and “Thunder.” Ironically, these same four songs are all certified higher than Diamond, making the Dragons the first, and only band in history to achieve that.

The new album arrives 2 years after the confessional, heartache and tragedy album, Mercury. Looms first released single, "Eyes Closed," fits in nicely with the Dragon's repertoire, “I’m back from the dead, from the back of my head/Been gone and facin’ horrors that should never be said.” are some of the fresh lyrics. “It really was about being something that on the outside looks put together and strong,” he said about the new song, “but on the inside it’s on the verge of maybe shattering.” See the video of the new track down below now.

Loom World Tour 2024, Imagine Dragons, with some brand-new music, is coming to Quincy, Washington's Gorge Amphitheatre on Saturday, September 28th 2024. Get tickets right now... they will sell fast!

Imagine Dragons at Gorge Amphitheatre

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