Bass Canyon Festival at Gorge Amphitheatre

Bass Canyon Festival Tickets

Gorge Amphitheatre | Quincy, Washington

Bass Canyon Festival

Time to gear up and let the music play! This summer, bass tunes will blast across the breathtaking canyons and turn vast landscapes into a thrilling rave fest! Yes, it is that time of the year! The Bass Canyon Festival comes back bigger and better than ever! Expect high powered production, groundbreaking visuals, and a rip-roaring rage fest as these drum and bass powerhouses all gather to serve one hell of a weekend! As always, this exhilarating spectacle takes over the picturesque Gorge Amphitheatre! Expect a showdown of big names and sensational up and comers! If you’re keen on attending Sunday’s (18th August 2024) festivities, then better make sure you secure your passes early! This is a great opportunity to bask in the brilliant sunset by Washington’s stunning Columbia River then party all day and night with kindred spirits! So hit that Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

See it for yourself! It’s a grand spankin 'rave bonanza that’s taking audiences through a wild journey across time and space. It is the only rager in town that has the ability to stop time. You'd be having so much fun, you won’t be caring what time it is! Joining a hyper dynamic rave can do that to you. That’s why high profile traditions like the Bass Canyon Festival continue to be all the rage after all these years. This 2024, organizers had made sure that fans will be thrilled with an uber stunning line-up. For starters, this gig pulled out all the stops – having secured big names like Excision, Ganja White Night, Zeds Dead, LSDream, and tons more. There are over 90 performers over the weekend and they’re all about to tear up Gorge Amphitheatre like never before.

These terrific DnB artists will surely set the weekend ablaze with their remarkable staples, magnificent remixes, and epic drops. With the state-of-the-art sound and light production, the extravaganza will surely be booming to your heart’s desire. Besides big names in the circuit, Bass Canyon Festival is also a melting pot of rising stars! Expect epic set lists from magnificent artists like Dead Crow, Deucez, Atliens, Canabliss, Habstrakt, and more. What about some icons and dark horses like Jkyl & Hyd, Dionysus, and Alien Park? They’re sure to bring the party energy to extreme levels. This is the only occasion that your hearts are sure to be pumping fast, adrenaline skyrocketing, and spirits lifting all the way to the heavens!

Now, you have the surefire opportunity to experience the breathtaking Gorge Amphitheatre when you check out this festival. Besides being a popular park, the legendary venue has hosted the most riveting EDM, rock, pop, and country music festivals. Gorge Amphitheater is a fully equipped destination with terrific camping grounds, surrounding leisure activities. The vast concert space allows attendees to move freely and relax but more importantly have plenty of breathing room to move and dance along to adrenaline rushing beats.

So come and join this remarkable D&B celebration. This is the biggest bass music extravaganza you’ll ever see this 2024! Secure your access now through the Get Tickets link before it’s too late!

Bass Canyon Festival at Gorge Amphitheatre

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